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It’s time to get FireSmart about wildfires in BC. Is your community ready for next year’s fire season? We’re here to help make sure you’re prepared when and where it counts.” FireSmart BC 

Research has shown that a house with both a fire resistant roof and a FireSmart zone surrounding it is 85 per cent more likely to survive a wildfire than one that lacks these features. 

To learn how to make your home and neighbourhood more resilient to Wildfires, check out this RDKB FireSmart Presentation and interviews with Area B/Lower Columbia – Old Glory Director Linda Worley and Area C/Christina Lake Director Grace McGregor.

FireSmart Presentation - October 2021

RDKB FireSmart Area B/Lower Columbia – Old Glory

RDKB FireSmart Area C/Christina Lake


For more information, check out the FireSmart BC website.

The FireSmart Homeowner’s manual and the FireSmart BC Landscaping guide provides individuals with recommendations to help reduce the risk of wildfires to homes and neighbourhoods and create a more resilient community around us.